Welcome to Bologna, Italy, and Il Gelatauro ice-cream shop.

This unusual food emporium and a lot of other things got their start in Bologna, like Europe's first university, in 1088. Tortellini, tortelloni, lasagna and ragù also debuted here, on tagliatelle (there is no such thing as spaghetti Bolognesi). A case could also be made for Europe's first theme park, religious, of course. Forget Eurodisney; Bologna's church Santo Stefano transformed itself in the 1300's into a symbolic itinerary of Christ's passion to save early pilgrim-tourists, including students like Dante, a hellish trip to Jerusalem. Bologna was invented here too. No baloney. But if you want it, ask for mortadella. Our gelato shop was founded in 1998, and you can find us in Via San Vitale, 98 from 8AM to 11PM. But don't come in August; you can learn all sorts of practical tips on tourism and travel in Bologna from this site, including the Gelatauro's recommendation to take a break from Bologna in the heat of August, when we're closed for much of the month. If you find your way to our shop, we can't guarantee you'll find manna from heaven, even though the London's Observer and Germany's Focus magazine said we have the tastiest ice-cream in Europe. But you will find manna from Sicily for sale, a sugary treat secreted by trees sort of like maple candy.






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